About Us

Turf Experts Working for Turf Experts

SMS Additive Solutions began with the goal of developing better turf solutions and improving golf course maintenance. Our expertise in a wide variety of chemical turf applications, specifically surfactants, plant and soil nutrients, pesticides, and other additives means scientifically superior products.

Customer-Centric Product Development

SMS products are the result of an innovative, customer-driven development process. SMS products start–and finish–with you, the turfgrass professional. Instead of telling you what your turf needs, SMS listened to you.

You told us you needed better performance from your wetting agents to manage localized dry spots (LDS). Your needs helped us develop our breakthrough product–the popular SMS 700 soil surfactant.

Golf Market Validation

SMS products are backed by extensive research. Ongoing field and university trials consistently deliver positive results and demonstrate value.

SMS' customer-centric R&D process is further validated by the positive reception from superintendents successful in achieving exceptional playing surfaces. 

Committed to Your Success

SMS is committed to your success in turf management. Our comprehensive line of outstanding soil surfactants, spray adjuvants, soil amendments and turf additives simply drive results.

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