Dew Management

Promoting Healthy Habits

Promoting healthier turf consists of several critical steps:

  • Avoiding the onset of turfgrass disease
  • Providing frost protection and other preventive measures
  • Proactive Dew Management

Mitigate Morning Dew

Moisture that settles and stays on turfgrass blades and surfaces with water repellency can be trouble. Excess dew can stimulate turfgrass disease and encourage frost damage. SMS minimizes your risk with dew remover surfactant products. Prevent dew from lingering on the turf surface and you reduce the likelihood of disease.

SMS Dew Management solutions support mowing earlier in the morning and can help you be more productive. Experience the benefits of dew management today. 

Dew Manager

SMS Dew Manager is a highly binding surfactant that reduces surface tension of water molecules. It also helps prevent dew or frost from settling on turfgrass blades, offering you easy and effective prevention of turfgrass diseases.