SMS Dew Manager

Dew Manager

Dew encourages disease development when it is wet and warm enough for growth. Therefore reducing dew formation leads to healthier more disease resistant turf. SMS Dew Manager allows for mowing and maintenance operations to start earlier in the day thus saving both time and money. SMS Dew Manager replaces the time consuming and laborious tasks of whipping, brushing and hose dragging. These unique surfactants have a twin mode of action. Firstly they are very effective at reducing the surface tension of water molecules thus preventing dew and frost formulation. Secondly they have a very strong binding capacity, which enables them to attach to the surface of the leaf giving superior longevity.

Product at a Glance: 
  • An effective tool at eliminating or reducing dew formation
  • Reduces maintenance time of whipping, brushing and hose dragging
  • Reduces foliar disease pressure

SMS Dew Manager is most effective when applied to dry grass i.e. prior to dew formation. For best results use a flat fan nozzle. SMS Dew Manager will be effective on dew at the time of application but will not stick to a wet leaf surface; effectiveness will be reduced. Typically SMS Dew Manager will disperse dew for 7 – 10 days after application. This may vary due to many factors such as dampness of grass at time of application, temperature, severity of dew, mowing regime and type of turfgrass being treated.

Application Rate: Fine or course turf use 1.6-3.0 fl oz SMS Dew Manager in 2 gallons water per 1000 sq ft

Tank Mixing: SMS Dew Manager can be tank mixed with other non-pesticides.

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Package Sizing
4 x 1 Gallon Case