Soil Surfactants

Irrigation management and golf course maintenance are enhanced with the addition of a good soil surfactant or wetting agent. Surfactants enable moisture—whether as plain water or a tank-mix of fertilizer/pesticide—to penetrate hydrophobic soils more easily and evenly.

Unique Chemistry Minimizes Risk & Waste

SMS wetting agents are specially formulated to overcome the water repellency of hydrophobic soils. SMS ensures water molecules infiltrate the soil more quickly and effectively, minimizing your risk of runoff and wasted treatments. 

Promotes Health & Playability

SMS surfactants improve your turf's ability to absorb and retain vital moisture. Increased consistent water distribution combats problematic Localized Dry Spots (LDS) and promotes turf health and playability. 

SMS Additive Solutions Soil Surfactants

SMS Surfactants feature top-quality wetting agents to improve your soil water management. 


This top-of-the-line adjuvant is our flagship product. SMS 700 is a flexible tool that sets the standard for surfactant performance. SMS 700's proprietary blend improves wetting of the soil and minimizes LDS on golf courses.


SMS 700 G offers easy-to-handle irrigation effectiveness, reduced runoff, minimized LDS and effective root stimulation. This product is available in a dry, granular formula.


An exclusive blend of polymeric soil surfactants, SMS 400 targets turf's upper root zones, effectively counteracting soil hydrophobicity and water repellency.


This soil surfactant is a highly effective penetrant that sequesters hard water ions to enhance soil infiltration and improve the efficiency of irrigation and tank-mix applications. SMS 200 can be applied through irrigation systems or broadcast spraying.

300 + K-Mone Pellet

SMS 300 + K-Mone Pellet is a once-a-month surfactant pellet containing kelp and seaweed extracts. This one's an excellent choice for root-producing applications.

100 Pellet

The SMS 100 product offers a highly effective everyday pellet. This soil-directed surfactant is made for the convenience of hose-end syringing and hand-watering.