SMS 300 + K-Mone Pellet

300 + K-Mone Pellet

SMS 300 + K-Mone Pellet is a once-a-month surfactant pellet containing kelp and seaweed extracts to combat hydrophobic soils and reduce localized dry spot, while improving root development.  The addition of kelp and seaweed extracts found in SMS 300 + K-Mone pellets improve rooting and provide a much needed relief to turfgrass roots during environmental stresses such as heat and drought.

Product at a Glance: 
  • A once-a-month soil surfactant pellet
  • Reduces surface tension and alleviates localized dry spot
  • Easy to use pellet for hose-end applicators
  • Addition of kelp and seaweed extract for improved root development during stress
  • Safe to apply on all turfgrass species and landscape plants

SMS 300 + K-Mone pellets are to be used with a hose-end applicator during hand watering or syringing.  Pellets will dissolve within one hour at water pressures of 90 to 120 PSI.  The rate at which an individual pellet dissolves is determined by water quality, temperature, pressure and flow rates.

Turf:  Insert one SMS 300 + K-Mone Pellet into the hose-end applicator and apply to 12,000 sq ft. during hand watering or syringing once every month.

Sod Istallation:  Apply one SMS 300 + K-Mone Pellet to 8,000 sq ft. at installation and follow-up with the normal turf application rate.

Horticulture:  Apply one SMS 300 + K-Mone Pellet to 8,000 sq ft. at transplant and at bud set for best results.

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12 Pellet Box