Spray Tank Adjuvants

Do More on Your Turf

High performance pesticide application spraying is essential for optimal turfgrass growth. SMS Additive Solutions work to improve the performance and efficacy of your irrigation system and spray mixes.

Increase Spray Product Performance

As fellow turfgrass professionals, we have deep experience with systemic fungicides, fertilizer applications and pesticide applications. SMS' line of adjuvants is designed to help you maintain optimal conditions by increasing the performance of spray products.

Irrigation management and golf course maintenance are enhanced with the addition of a good soil surfactant or wetting agent. Surfactants enable moisture—whether as plain water or a tank-mix of fertilizer/pesticide—to penetrate hydrophobic soils more easily and evenly.


Adjuvant Plus

Specially formulated to maximize the uptake of active ingredients, SMS Adjuvant Plus is a new class of seed oil-derived adjuvants for spray products that call for an oil concentrate or nonionic surfactant.

NI Adjuvant

This premium nonionic surfactant is proven to boost performance and value. SMS NI Adjuvant resists product wash-off from rain and irrigation, providing effective improvement for penetration.

AMS Adjuvant

SMS AMS Adjuvant is a popular water-conditioning/nonionic surfactant blend, which makes plant control products more effective by improving leaf surface coverage and absorption.

Active Plus

Our next generation, innovative adjuvant, SMS Active Plus, is designed to enhance the performance of contact and systemic fungicides and growth regulators. SMS Active Plus research trials have proven our quality and performance of this new field-tested chemical.